Legal Literacy

Challenges For A Newbie Lawyer

At the beginning of any profession there are many pre-requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to reach success. A newbie is bound to face many challenges in a field where the senior professionals are already ruling. Especially the legal profession which demands consistent and unbending efforts from a newbie. Many tough yet rewarding challenges are faced.

The law college gives knowledge but doesn’t prepare a newbie for practicing before the courts. It takes a few months or sometimes even years before a fresh graduate is of any use of an experienced lawyer. An experienced lawyer as a mentor is very important to learn all the rules of trade.

Unless you have an influential background, finding a mentor can also be a laborious task. Only few manage get themselves a senior lawyer as mentor who can train and up skill them to kick start their legal career.

The next obstacle after choosing and getting a mentor is that it takes time to actually earn in this profession. Junior lawyers are only paid a meager amount, and the anecdotes by their seniors help them believe that this is indeed the convention in this field of work.

A lawyer always has a hunger for recognition and it is especially true in the case of young lawyers. This career offers flexible working hours, however, only when a lawyer spends their quality time on work as well are they able to achieve success. It is only after the initial low paid hard working years, that a newbie starts to get recognition among the fellow lawyers and in the courts.