Habits For Becoming A Leader

An important title or position in no way makes a person a true leader. There are people who spend their lives as managers of an organization, but they fall short in realizing their true potential for leadership. Only a true leader unlocks the potential of an organization and takes it towards success. True leaders are not born but merely adopt some behaviors that differentiate them from the rest. They make people feel important, remain attentive to the voices as well as concerns and actions of others around them.

Leadership behavior can be adopted by doing the following:

Establish Credibility:

It can be donebyearning people’s trust and respect by consistently making decisions that benefits others. The decisions should have a good impact on the people who work with and for the organization.

Informal Authority:

Formal titles and posts do give a good impression. But in reality these are shallow sources of authority trust. In such cases the said admiration is achieved by helping people and solving issues with sincerity, passion, and vision.


For being a true leader one needs to win people’s hearts. Talking to people on each level and sharing your hopes for the organization makes them feel important and needed.

Apply Golden Rule:

Everyone wishes to be treated with respect and kindness. People rarely remember the words one speaks, but remember the way they are treated. Be kind to everyone and give respect for what they do for the company or the organization.

Delivering on Promises:

Making promises is easy. But delivering on them is what takes the real effort. Avoid making commitments that cannot be fulfilled. If it takes time to fulfill the promises, then make a note to explain it to the people along with the reasons behind it.


Simply communicating by emails and texts makes one invisible. So it is advised to take time out and break free from the desk responsibilities and connect to people. The best from the colleagues and employees’ can only be achieved if they see their leader more often.