Entrepreneurship: A Trait of Modern World

  Entrepreneurship. Google describes the term as the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking financial risks in the hope of earning profit.  Wikipedia terms it as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. To be reliable, the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and Read more about Entrepreneurship: A Trait of Modern World[…]

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Entrepreneurs are leaders willing to take risk and exercise initiative, taking advantage of market opportunities by planning, organizing and deploying resources, often by innovating to create new or improving existing products or services. Managing a company requires solid leadership skills. But being a successful entrepreneur goes beyond basic leadership practice. Entrepreneurs have to create something from nothing. They Read more about Entrepreneurship and Leadership[…]

Delegate and Micromanage

  Micromanaging has become a foul word in the corporate world. Being used by employees to describe overzealous managers, who don’t trust them to perform the simplest of tasks without constant interference. No one wants to work for a boss who does not allow them any kind of freedom and does not want them to grow Read more about Delegate and Micromanage[…]

Habits For Becoming A Leader

An important title or position in no way makes a person a true leader. There are people who spend their lives as managers of an organization, but they fall short in realizing their true potential for leadership. Only a true leader unlocks the potential of an organization and takes it towards success. True leaders are Read more about Habits For Becoming A Leader[…]

Spotting A Toxic Friend

  There are a number of signs you can look out for to tell if your closest friend is really your enemy. We have learned to identify the signs of a toxic relationship and often associate them with lovers who end up causing us more harm than good. However, we tend to forget that the Read more about Spotting A Toxic Friend[…]

Is your emotional intelligence accurate or just an act?

  It is completely possible to fake emotional intelligence. Similar to fake accessories, emotions and actions can also be faked to look like the real thing but really aren’t. With the best of intentions, we can see smart leaders charge into sensitive interactions armed with what they believe a combination of deep empathy, attuned listening, Read more about Is your emotional intelligence accurate or just an act?[…]

#Infograpghic – Benefits of #Mediation

In mediation generally a third party is involved who acts as facilitator. In a typical mediation, there is always a win – win situation. Mediation comprises of an act of bringing two parties in a dispute closer together towards an agreement through alternative dispute resolution. It is a dialogue in which a neutral third party, Read more about #Infograpghic – Benefits of #Mediation[…]

How To Get A Surviving Member Certificate

Surviving Member Certificate What Is Surviving Member Certificate? Difference Between Surviving Member Certificate And A Succession Certificate  Who To Approach For A Surviving Member Certificate? Procedure For Surviving Member Certificate In Person  Required Information For Such Certificate Required Documents For Surviving Member Certificate 

Things You Must Check With A Lawyer While Buying A House

Buying a house of your own is one of the most overwhelming experiences for any person. However, purchase of involves a lots of legal issues. The dream of buying and owning a house can turn into a nightmare if anything goes wrong with the legal processes. This, however, can be easily avoided with little attention Read more about Things You Must Check With A Lawyer While Buying A House[…]

Misuse of Dowry Law

Section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code, Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act and Dowry Prohibition Act, state the laws which are designed to protect women against dowry harassment and domestic violence. The violence against women across social, economic and cultural sections of the society marks the fundamental importance of these laws. However, over Read more about Misuse of Dowry Law[…]

What are Alimony Laws like in India?

Divorce is stressful for everyone. It is a legal way of ending a relationship. It is important that the decision of separation should be justified for both the parties. To support himself or herself after the separation, the spouse is granted some monetary compensation by the financially stronger partner. The compensation paid is called alimony. Read more about What are Alimony Laws like in India?[…]

Exploring Mediation

Is going to court the best way out for any legal matter? Or, is there a better alternative? And how will the legal industry look like in the next 5 years? Let’s find out in this special feature where Prerna Foundation and KyaBae come together, with our host, Parzaan Dastur interviewing Mr. Prathamesh D. Popat. Read more about Exploring Mediation[…]

The Six Leadership Styles – As Defined by Daniel Goleman

Leadership is, most fundamentally, about changes. What leaders do is create the systems and organizations that managers need, and, eventually, elevate them up to a whole new level or . . . change in some basic ways to take advantage of new opportunities. —John P. Kotter Leadership is about influence—the ability to influence your subordinates, Read more about The Six Leadership Styles – As Defined by Daniel Goleman[…]

Mediation – Need of the Hour

Mediation is a process of third-party involvement in a dispute. A mediator cannot impose an outcome but rather assists the disputing parties in reaching their own agreement. Mediation can be used in a wide range of disputes, including labor disputes, public policy disputes, disagreements among nations, family disputes, and neighborhood and community quarrels. According to Read more about Mediation – Need of the Hour[…]