February 2, 2018

Our Initiatives

Old Newspapers To New Notebooks

Educating someone is biggest cause that any individual can undertake. The happiness that one gets by this deed is unsurmountable. Save environment, recycle old newspapers – make a notebook and let under privileged write their own future.



Clothes For Help

Many people aren’t even able to fetch basic human needs – one being proper wearable clothes which covers them fully and maintain their dignity. Donate your old clothes and we shall share it with families living in slum communities and near buy villages around the city.



Donate Books & Be Awesome

Lot many aspiring people love to read but don’t have resources. Let’s pool our resources by building a library on wheels which gives them a chance to live their passion.

Give a book away and brighten someone’s day.



Legal Literacy Programmes

Many people in India have either died, gone bankrupt or are still waiting for justices to be delivered for their rightful rights. Many aren’t even aware what are their rights. Let’s make their life easier by helping them understand how even they are eligible for proper justice.



Weekend With Friends

Time spent for brightening up someone’s future gives a very different sense of happiness.




Mediation Outreach Programs

Historically India has seen general public reaching out to court for justice and solutions to their warring issues. This has resulted in cascading effect on Indian Judicial System. Judge to case ratio is extremely imbalanced leading to delayed justice. In such a scenario Mediation becomes extremely handy. By resolving disputes in mediation, parties determine for themselves what is important and, ultimately the outcome of the situation. We at Prerna Foundation put efforts to not only promote the culture of Mediation but also educate the next generation law fraternity so that they also become aware of its benefit and reluctancy to promote it goes away.


Youth Empowerment Program

Empowered youth of today has always been the future of any country. India is blessed to have largest youth population in the world. However, maximum of such youth don’t know what lies in future and how important they are for India’s future. We provide youth the opportunity to explore and test theirs skills and capabilities by engaging them through our Online Internship Programmes.