10 Reasons Why You Have to Attend the Indian Law Conclave 2018

Indian Law Conclave is a three day National Conference organised at International Youth Hostel, New Delhi from 29th June 2018 to 1st July 2018. The Conclave will have both Formal and Informal events. Formal events include Keynote Presentations, Paper Presentation Competition, and Group Discussions. Informal events include Open Forum, Cultural Night and Ethnic Fashion Show, Read more about 10 Reasons Why You Have to Attend the Indian Law Conclave 2018[…]

#Infograpghic – Benefits of #Mediation

In mediation generally a third party is involved who acts as facilitator. In a typical mediation, there is always a win – win situation. Mediation comprises of an act of bringing two parties in a dispute closer together towards an agreement through alternative dispute resolution. It is a dialogue in which a neutral third party, Read more about #Infograpghic – Benefits of #Mediation[…]

Exploring Mediation

Is going to court the best way out for any legal matter? Or, is there a better alternative? And how will the legal industry look like in the next 5 years? Let’s find out in this special feature where Prerna Foundation and KyaBae come together, with our host, Parzaan Dastur interviewing Mr. Prathamesh D. Popat. Read more about Exploring Mediation[…]