Psychology Behind Sexual Harassment

The recent #metoo campaign has brought out several cases of sexual harassment right from the perspective of the victims, both male and female. There are perpetrators whose advances range from passing sexual comments to getting physical. Why do they do this? Why only with certain people?  Some first-hand stories of sexual harassments from the #metoo Read more about Psychology Behind Sexual Harassment[…]

The ‘Legal’ Rape in India and Its Dilemma

A man forcing a woman to have sex is legal in India, on one condition – the man should be the husband of the woman. The first part of the previous sentence shocks the readers. Few people do not hesitate deciding that the man is to be called a rapist. But, on reading the condition, Read more about The ‘Legal’ Rape in India and Its Dilemma[…]

Does a Safe City Really Exist?

India is a country with 29 states and 7 union territories. It is the most diverse nation with a population of 1.3 billion and that number is never constant. The irony is that the capital of India is also nicknamed as the rape capital of India. But the question then arises, which state is safe? Read more about Does a Safe City Really Exist?[…]

Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Consent– the permission or agreement to engage in any kind of activity along with the liberty to say yes or no at any point of time. Consent plays a very significant role in immensely important issues like sexual harassment. Any form of unwelcome, inappropriate sexual behaviour that is offensive or humiliating whether physical, verbal or Read more about Sexual Harassment at Workplace[…]

Sexual Harassment

A few days ago, an extremely popular bar in Pune- High Spirits- reached a new low when its owner and his harassment of a large number of women came forward. In India, sexual harassment is a major concern due to women not feeling safe even inside the safety of their own homes or workplaces. A Read more about Sexual Harassment[…]