Old Newspapers to New Books

In spite of ‘Right to Education’ being one of the most basic rights, more than 3.5 crore children in India don’t go to school and may never get a chance to study. And some, who are fortunate enough to go school, don’t have books to write on. Through our initiative “Old Newspapers to New Books”, you can give them a book by simply recycling the old newspaper in your house. By recycling old newspapers, you not only help these less fortunate children re-write their future but also save the environment. The VALUE you create for yourself in an underprivileged child’s eye and brighten their future is much higher than the monetary VALUE you get by selling the old newspapers(Raddi) of your house.

Clothes for Help

Many a times, we have a wardrobe full of clothes, but there are chances we wear only 60% of the clothes we own. There are many who need those clothes which you might not be wearing. Prerna Foundation collects clothes that have outgrown the usefulness for you and shares it with the families of the slum community and nearby villages.

Donate Books and be Awesome

Here are 3 ways to become awesome. One by using your ‘Skills’. One by using your ‘Personality’. One by simply ‘Donating’ something to someone. Prerna Foundation gives you an opportunity to donate ‘books’ and be AWESOME.

Weekend with Friends

“Shared pain is lessened. Shared joy is increased.” as said by Spider Robinson.

Prerna Foundation gives you an opportunity to increase someone’s joy by simply sharing yours through our various innovative initiatives.

Come, let’s meet over a weekend!!