"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle. Happiness never decreases by being shared."
- Buddha

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Lawful talks is a platform that welcomes, encourages and more importantly talks to its viewers and whoever maybe interested in the legal community. We aim to be a site that believes in enriching the lives of the people who hop by and wish to be kept abreast of the happenings in the domain of law.

In a broader sense, we will be covering the many aspects of law as well as the many branches that are covered in the umbrella domain known to us as the law of the land.

Whether you are a veteran who wants to get their experience shared by the juniors or are a junior lawyer, or even a student we are sure to keep you interested in the site for interesting updates as well as information that will be presented to you in a concise manner.

About Us

"Only by giving you are able to receive more than you already have."
- Jim Rohn

Have a heart, Lend a hand, Stand out & Make a Difference

In a world that has so much strife and struggle, where we are constantly facing challenges on multiple fronts, calls for sustained action that can alleviate the pain and suffering of our fellow human beings. In fact, it encompasses all the beings and hence, Prerna Foundation aims to bring that much needed relief from the continuous anxiety that the society faces on a continuous basis.

Prerna, which means inspiration in many Indian languages has been not just our name of choice but had a deeper connotation and hence promised to be the cornerstone for all our beliefs and aspirations. More than just a visually pleasing and socially appealing identity, Prerna aims to be the benchmark for the various solutions that we intend to bring to the table from inception to the long distance future.

We at Prerna would love to spread our love for the society thin and hence, we are not aiming at focussing at one particular issue. Hence, it became imperative to us that we touch upon many issues and facets of the larger problematic picture and hence aim to go hammer and tongs at these problems in all our endeavors.

Whether it is child education, literacy or women empowerment and everything in between, Prerna Foundation will strive to be the solution provider as well as a catalyst wherever it needs to be.

Although conventionally NGOs operate independent of each other and rarely synchronising with each other Prerna Foundation envisions itself to work relentlessly not just by and of itself but also is open to joining hands with other NGOs and other not for profits to make the world a better place to live in.


The backbone of our efforts

Nitesh Jindal

Legal Content Writer
Currently pursuing B.A. LLB from Dr. Ram Manoahr Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. He has experience of many internships ranging from NGO to Corporate firms. he has written research paper and Essay and persistently strive to do so in order to bring creativity in his writing skills.

Souromita Chatterjee

Legal Content Writer
She is from KOLKATA, West Bengal. and has done schooling from Auxilium Convent School,Bandel. She has completed B.Com from Hooghly Moshin College (Burdwan University) and has cleared it with 1st division. Currently pursuing studying LL.B from Utkal University.

Manu Tiwari

Legal Content Writer
Currently pursuing B.B.A L.L.B from Vivekananda Institute Of Professional Studies, Delhi. She is passionate, optimistic & dedicated girl who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm and see to it. She has great amount of perseverance to achieve her goal.

Nayana M. R

Social Awareness Blogger
Currently pursuing bachelor’s in English Literature, History and Psychology. She strongly believes that pen is mightier than sword and everything is in the mind.

Vidya Nadikuda

Social Media Manager
Vidya Nadikuda is a B.B.A student from Icfai Business School, Hyderabad. She is an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to help underprivileged children achieve their dreams. Her passion for creative work makes her believe that one can always find their passion and make it their business.

Dinesh Unnikrishnan

Legal Content Writer
Experienced Company Secretary with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Skilled in Corporate Law, Business Planning, Risk Management, Strong administrative professional, Company Secretary focused in Corporate Law from ICSI.

Suraj Kumar Singh

Content Manager
Currently persuing B.tech in Electronics And Communication Engineering. He believes “Traditions drive your heart With Technology fuelling your Brain”,this is what completes us as next gen youth. He respects the power of Word as Someone well said “Words can plant gardens for you but if misused Can burn down forests too”.

Arun Kumar

Legal Intern
Currently 4th Year B.A LL.B student at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. His hobbies are reading and driving. Through this internship he aims at skill development and gaining experience while assisting Prerna Foundation in the achievement of it’s noble goals.

Mahitha Kare

Social Media Content Strategist
Mahitha is pursuing B.Tech and also interning with social media marketing team at Prerana Foundation. Her skills include web programming, C programming in technical side. Her areas of interest are teaching,media marketing & photography.

Taeke Tiiso

Social Media Marketing Intern
He is from Lesotho, Southern Africa and currently 2nd year B.tech Chemical Engineering in VIT college, Pune. He is very fond of social and digital marketing. He also like helping people-despite any level to find/get what they want. He is a believer in more action than telling.


Social Media Marketing Interns
Currently 4th semester CSE from Govt. Polytechnic Kangra. Energetic and responsible towards the task assigned with.

Chandni Raghani

Legal Intern
A student from Kolkata , planning to pursue law in the future . She considers this internship as her first step towards law and a chance to gain experience while giving back to the society .

Prachi Vashisht

Social Media Marketing Intern
Trying to creating a phenomenal life through journalism & mass communication. She has always been an ardent supporter of authenticity & hard work. Writing has provided her with a platform to carefully pen down thoughts to create a better sphere for herself & on handful occasions for the world too. She is an animal lover too.

Collaborative Events

Our Collaborative Efforts along with Our Associates to Make a Difference

Prerna Foundation is pleased to announce its 2nd Online Internship Programme starting from 1st May 2018 – 30th June 2018.
We are looking for students and young professionals interested in creating Positive Social Impact.
P.S. - Students whose exams are schedule for the month of May can join the internship program post exams.


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