"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle. Happiness never decreases by being shared."
- Buddha

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Lawful talks is a platform that welcomes, encourages and more importantly talks to its viewers and whoever maybe interested in the legal community. We aim to be a site that believes in enriching the lives of the people who hop by and wish to be kept abreast of the happenings in the domain of law.

In a broader sense, we will be covering the many aspects of law as well as the many branches that are covered in the umbrella domain known to us as the law of the land.

Whether you are a veteran who wants to get their experience shared by the juniors or are a junior lawyer, or even a student we are sure to keep you interested in the site for interesting updates as well as information that will be presented to you in a concise manner.

About Us

"Only by giving you are able to receive more than you already have."
- Jim Rohn

Have a heart, Lend a hand, Stand out & Make a Difference

In a world that has so much strife and struggle, where we are constantly facing challenges on multiple fronts, calls for sustained action that can alleviate the pain and suffering of our fellow human beings. In fact, it encompasses all the beings and hence, Prerna Foundation aims to bring that much needed relief from the continuous anxiety that the society faces on a continuous basis.

Prerna, which means inspiration in many Indian languages has been not just our name of choice but had a deeper connotation and hence promised to be the cornerstone for all our beliefs and aspirations. More than just a visually pleasing and socially appealing identity, Prerna aims to be the benchmark for the various solutions that we intend to bring to the table from inception to the long distance future.

We at Prerna would love to spread our love for the society thin and hence, we are not aiming at focussing at one particular issue. Hence, it became imperative to us that we touch upon many issues and facets of the larger problematic picture and hence aim to go hammer and tongs at these problems in all our endeavors.

Whether it is child education, literacy or women empowerment and everything in between, Prerna Foundation will strive to be the solution provider as well as a catalyst wherever it needs to be.

Although conventionally NGOs operate independent of each other and rarely synchronising with each other Prerna Foundation envisions itself to work relentlessly not just by and of itself but also is open to joining hands with other NGOs and other not for profits to make the world a better place to live in.


The backbone of our efforts

Akshit Gupta

Legal Content Writer
Currently pursuing BBA LLB from Bharti Vidyapeeth, New Law College,Pune. An avid reader and a writer who loves to pen about social and contemporary issues. Also pursuing research in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution and and it’s allied subjects.

Jyothi Chillapalli

Website Manager
Currently pursuing B. Tech (Computer Science Engineering ). Interested in Web Development. Also, doing research on Medical Image Processing.

Kashyap Tripathi

Legal Intern
Currently pursuing law from D. Y Patil Law College, Pune. During the first year of study, he has actively participated in various law events and competition. Post winters internship at Allahabad High Court, he intends to learn & contribute back to society

Nayana M. R

Currently pursuing bachelor’s in English Literature, History and Psychology. She strongly believes that pen is mightier than sword and everything is in the mind.

Priyanka Singh Raghuvanshi

Legal Intern
Currently Pursuing B. A. LL.B from Dr. D. Y. Patil Law College, Pune. She has participated in moot courts, debates & Drama.

Rohan Motiwala

HR & Intern Manager
Currently pursuing PGD – HRM from Aditya Institute Of Management Research, Mumbai. He has always been a avid learner and has an eye for detail. Energetic & responsible towards the task assigned with.

Rohith Venkatesan

An IPR enthusiast looking for opportunities to expand my horizon of knowledge. Also interested in keeping up to date with technology law and other emerging spheres in law. Avid reader, passionate debater and most of all a content writer.

Samina Khan

Campaign Manager
Currently pursuing MBA in Marketing from IES Management College and Research Center, Mumbai. Simple yet bold. Passionate to learn new things and dedicated towards the task assigned.

Sayan Chandra

A student of B.Sc. LL.B. (Hons) at Gujarat National Law University. Besides academics, he is interested in journalistic writing and have an experience of writing in the Statesman Voices Paper for a year.MUNs and debates are a personal favourite & have relevant experience.

Vasudev Naik

Digital Content Manager

Collaborative Events

Our Collaborative Efforts along with Our Associates to Make a Difference

This Summer join Mediation – Orientation & Research Summer Programme at Prerna Foundation.
The programme is designed to equip next generation lawyers with required skills for negotiation viz strategising, planning, drafting, communication. Destructive conflicts end in no result, thus the need of mediation. Mediation is gaining recognition globally because of its inherent benefits. Mediation is an art which can be parallel profession to advocacy.


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